Cheap Dentures

Choosing economy dentures might be the right fit for those on fixed incomes, or those who might have a difficult time on maintaining their dentures. There of course are different qualities of materials used to make all kinds of dentures from economy, standard, and deluxe models. Each of which is priced accordingly to the kinds of denture materials used.


Dentures Cost

Dentures cost varies with each denture quality. Cheap dentures may cost between $300 to $700 each denture plate, standard dentures usually start above the maximum cost of a cheap denture.

Deluxe dentures can cost anywhere from about $1000.

Many dentures are sold as cheap dentures, standard dentures, and deluxe dentures. Each denture model is usually made with a longer durable material that can withstand wear and tear over a period of time.

Standard and deluxe model dentures typically have a lifespan between five and seven years. Some folks who have had deluxe models, have been known to have a usefule denture in more time than just seven years. With the focus on daily cleaning, and weekly soaking, a denture can last much longer that it is deemed to last.

Cheap Denture Benefits

While deluxe and standard dentures can be made more durable so they can last much longer than a economy denture, one of the benefits with a cheap denture is it can be replaced more quickly with a new denture.

When a denture becomes loose in the mouth, usually a denture reline might be needed. Denture relines might cost a few hundred to complete on a set of dentures. Should a cheap denture be loose, old, and faded, it might make more sense to get a new denture, rather than attempting to update the old.

Denture Cement

Cheap Partial Dentures

Partial dentures that are made to fill in the gaps of a mouth with still existing natural teeth, could also be offered as cheap denture. Or rather sold as an economy, standard, and deluxe model.

Each of which might have differences such as the hardness of the teet used for each kind of denture make.

Also, the ingredients that are in the denture gums might be in the form of tiny fibers mixed in with the denture acrylic. This can help limit the chances of a old denture from breaking should a crack appear. The fibers also help give the denture more support and give it the opportunity to stabilize should gaps appear underneath the denture.